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, November 22, 2015

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02 vista lateral - Corregida

Pedelta has been involved as a designer, design reviewer design or provider of construction engineering for over 20 cable-supported bridges: cable-stayed, suspension and extradosed bridges.

Pedelta is a worldwide leader in the application of advanced materials in bridges such as stainless steel and Glass-Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) to reduce life-cycle cost. Pedelta’s engineers are frequent speakers in technical conferences and top-universities on the application of advanced materials.

We have worked on numerous world innovative designs:

  • First use of duplex stainless steel in a vehicular bridge: Cala Galdana Bridge, 2004.
  • Longest Pedestrian Bridge made out of standard GFRP pultruded profiles: Lleida Pedestrian Bridge, 2001.
  • First organic load bearing truss: Abetxuko Bridge, 2007.
  • First hybrid structures made out of stainless-steel and GFRP: Zumaia (2007), Sant Fruitos (2007) and Vilafant Pedestrian Bridges (2011)
  • First hybrid structures made out of steel and GFRP: 5 pedestrian bridges in Tarragona, Spain, 2013.
  • The Triplets, three consecutive extradosed bridges in La Paz (Figg Medal Award at the IBC-2012, Pittsburgh, PA).
  • Ter River Bridge in Girona, Spain: innovative signature steel bridge.

We constantly integrate international research with developing new ideas. Through our studies of alternatives and preliminary designs, our team has developed innovative successful projects within tight design-build schedules.