Impressive landmark for the new Oxec Bridge

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Impressive landmark for the new Oxec Bridge
Barcelona, August 03, 2018

The new Oxec Bridge was successfully completed and the new Oxec II Dam has been already filled with water. An impressive new landmark for the area has appeared.

The new bridge consists of one roadway corridor which will cross over the new Oxec II Dam. It replaces an existing bridge that has been submerged by the water. The new bridge is located in the vicinity of Cahabon, in Guatemala, about 150m upstream from the existing one.

The new bridge was designed and checked to be incrementally launched from one of its ends and is composed of three spans 49.5 m + 77.0 m + 49.5 m with a total length of 176 m from abutment to abutment axis. It is straight in plan with a constant longitudinal slope of 1%. The deck is of continuous constant 3200 mm depth steel I-girder. The deck is 9.60 m wide and accommodates two traffic lanes, lateral shoulders, and steel traffic barriers. Piers are 32 m in height with a rectangular voided section 2 x 6.80 m with walls 0.50 m thick. Piers are supported on 114 mm diameter steel micropyles.