First launching stage of the new Oxec bridge in Guatemala

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First launching stage of the new Oxec bridge in Guatemala
Barcelona, October 25, 2017

First launching stage of the new Oxec bridge has successfully been completed. The bridge has been designed and checked to be incrementally launched from one of its ends. Steep slopes made equipment access difficult and thus girders erection with cranes was disregarded.

The new Oxec Bridge consists of one roadway corridor which will cross over the new Oxec II dam, currently under construction. It will replace an existing bridge that will be submerged when the Oxec II dam will be finished. The new bridge is located in the vicinity of Cahabon, in Guatemala, about 150m upstream from the existing one.

The bridge is composed of three spans 49.5m + 77.0m + 49.5m with a total length of 176m from abutment to abutment axis. It is straight in plan with a constant longitudinal slope of 1%.

The deck is composed of continuous constant 3200mm depth steel I-girder. Spacing between girders is 3400mm constant along the whole bridge length with 1400mm lateral overhangs. The deck is 9.60m wide and accommodates two traffic lanes, lateral shoulders, and steel traffic barriers.

The deck slab is 325mm thick on average. Concrete haunches are used to compensate for the girder deflection uncertainty.

Piers are 32.0m in height with a rectangular voided section 2.00x6.80m with walls 0.50m thick. Piers are supported on 114mm diameter steel micropiles.

Pedelta has carried out the design of the temporary elements for the launching operations like a tapered launching nose, lateral guides, and diaphragms for the jacking operations for temporary bearings replacement, among others.


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