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Pedelta is a leading specialty bridge engineering firm with international recognition for cutting edge innovation and technical expertise. The company has currently presence in six countries, including North-America, where continues to expand. The company has operated in USA since 2006 and in Canada since 2012.

Founded in 1994 by Juan A. Sobrino, the firm is committed to technical excellence and innovative design. Pedelta’s experience includes more than 1,500 bridge designs around the world, of all types, materials, structural types and sizes, as well as construction engineering, assessment, inspection and rehabilitation of bridges. The firm also provides structural design services for buildings and other heavy civil engineering projects such as water treatment plants, reservoirs, roads, railways, subway, LRT and underground structures.

Pedelta is a long established independent firm that has grown systematically over the years since its foundation. Our engineers have been involved in the most intriguing projects on an international scale, working either for public or private sectors. It is a well-rounded team that successfully keeps Pedelta as a leader in the bridge engineering industry. Most of our engineers are actively participating to international bridge and structural associations as well stay connected with universities as part-time professors or lecturers, keeping us on top of the most sophisticated analyses, design and construction techniques and methodologies.

Pedelta has been involved as a designer, design reviewer design or provider of construction engineering for over 20 cable-supported bridges: cable-stayed, suspension and extradosed bridges.

Pedelta is a worldwide leader in the application of advanced materials in bridges such as stainless steel and Glass-Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) to reduce life-cycle cost. Pedelta’s engineers are frequent speakers in technical conferences and top-universities on the application of advanced materials.

We have worked on numerous world innovative designs:

– First use of duplex stainless steel in a vehicular bridge: Cala Galdana Bridge, 2004.

– Longest Pedestrian Bridge made out of standard GFRP pultruded profiles: Lleida Pedestrian Bridge, 2001.

– First organic load bearing truss: Abetxuko Bridge, 2007.

– First hybrid structures made out of stainless-steel and GFRP: Zumaia (2007), Sant Fruitos (2007) and Vilafant Pedestrian Bridges (2011)

– First hybrid structures made out of steel and GFRP: 5 pedestrian bridges in Tarragona, Spain, 2013.

– The Triplets, three consecutive extradosed bridges in La Paz (Figg Medal Award at the IBC-2012, Pittsburgh, PA).

– Ter River Bridge in Girona, Spain: innovative signature steel bridge.

We constantly integrate international research with developing new ideas. Through our studies of alternatives and preliminary designs, our team has developed innovative successful projects within tight design-build schedules.


We provide structural engineering practice based on our large experience, skills and passion for structural engineering. We are sensitive to the requirements of owners and contractors. It is our belief that simple, elegant, efficient and economic bridges are based on a clear understanding of function, constructability, context and time. Our designs combine all demands for safety, efficiency, aesthetics, durability, economy and constructability as basis for lasting quality.
Bridges have a great impact on our environments as we interact with them on a daily basis. We believe that good bridges should be sensitive and understand the context. Aesthetically attractive bridges are not necessarily expensive structures. Cost increase only happens if we understand aesthetics as an ornament to what is built, and not as something that is intrinsic to the bridge itself. The general belief that aesthetics increases the cost of a bridge is wrong. Many of the most beautiful bridges have been built as Design-Build projects and they are both efficient and economic.

With offices and work experience around the world, Pedelta is well placed to bring global technical expertise to bear in unique local contexts. The firm has a vast experience on Design-Build and PPP projects (about 80% of our projects are made for major contractors: Acciona, Aecon, American Bridge, Bouygues, Conalvias, Dragados, Dufferin, FCC, Ferrovial, Flatiron, OAS, Odebrecht, OHL, Sacyr, Samsung, SNC-Lavalin, among others). Most of our clients are working with us for more than 20 years.

Pedelta has a high technical profile on bridge design with international recognition (Europe, North America and Colombia). Some of our bridges have been world records due to innovative designs and the use of advance materials, in particular GFRP and Stainless-steel. Our firm also provides:

– Ability to perform complex bridge analysis.

– Large experience on construction and value engineering services. We know the needs and requirements of construction firms to provide competitiveness.

– Experience and reliable services on bridge design and technical support during construction.

– We provide value to the project: studies of alternatives for bridges including any material and construction method.

– We optimize cost: cost-saving analysis.

– Sensitivity to bridge aesthetics without increasing construction cost.

Some of our Key Personnel are active members of international bridge and structural associations.