Pipiral Bridge at Bogota-Villavicencio road

Pipiral Bridge is part of the Bogota to Villavicencio road that crosses Los Andes mountains. The road is a PPP contract to increase the road capacity by duplicating the number of lanes. Pedelta was responsible for the conceptual and for the detailed design of the 710 m length bridge.

Suspension Bridge over the Perene river

A new suspension bridge designed by Pedelta has been built at Peru. The new bridge over the Perene river at Chanchamayo province, Junin region, will be a new road link at the area that will help the local economic development.

Secondment Agreement with Dr. Itsaso Arrayago

Pedelta has recently signed the Seconding Entity agreement with the Politechnical University of Catalonia, UPC, to the placement of Dr. Itsaso Arrayago with Pedelta within the framework of the H2020– Global Fellowship’ Marie Skłodowska-Curie.

Pedelta at SMIS Workshop in Puerto Vallarta

Pedelta has participated in the 2nd Bridge Engineering Workshop which took place in Puerto Vallarta on June 6 and 7, 2019. Javier Jordan has attended with a keynote speech which summarizes some of our most challenging and innovating bridge designs.

Garrison Crossing Update

The south Stainless Steel bridge has been successfully erected at Garrison Common over this past weekend. This is the second and final structure of the Garrison Crossing.

Honda Cable-Stayed Bridge update

The first Cable-Stayed Bridge over the Magdalena River in Colombia is taking shape. Promoted by the Instituto Nacional de Vías (INVIAS), the new bridge is located in the road from Honda to Puerto Bogotá and will replace an existing suspension bridge.